Privacy Policy

November 10, 2013

Traffic logs

  • This site logs some information on each visit. This includes your IP address, browser’s User Agent, and referring website.
  • If your browser sends a Do Not Track header (check your browser’s Privacy preferences), your IP will be stored as a non-retrievable hash.
  • General location data based on your IP address may be determined, only so far as to identify the country and city.
  • These logs will not be shared with any second or third parties.

Future features

  • User accounts are planned, and will require that a cookie be set to retain your logged in status. Multiple devices under one user account will be supported.
  • Some features may be supported without storing data on the server, but that is yet to be determined.
  • Unplanned future features may use data in different unknown ways. This privacy policy will be updated as needed.

External Services

  • Google Analytics is used for traffic data. Their own Policies & Principles apply. If you would like to prevent Google Analytics from gathering data, you could try an add-on for your browser, such as AdBlock Plus (with EasyPrivacy filter subscription).
  • At this time no ad services are in use, nor are they planned in the near future. If an ad service is used at a later time, their privacy policies will apply.

This Privacy Policy may change without warning, however the developer maintains a belief in the right to privacy, and will strive to keep your information safe.